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Horse Racing Gambling Horse Racing Gambling Tips Horse Racing Gambling Strategy

Here is a list of some betting tips you should take into consideration when gambling on horses.

Horse Racing Gambling

Up next there¨s a few general rules you might want to follow when you are betting on horse racing.

1. Be wary of the 'smart money,' bets placed at the last minute by supposedly, those in the know. There isn't much smart money at the tracks.

2. Go with your gut feelings. if there's a horse you fancy, by all means bet on that horse. There's no worse feeling than not doing what you felt you should have done, and it working out - without you. And if it doesn't work out, no big deal.

3. Pay special attention to fast starters on slow courses. It is more difficult to maneuver on an a muddy, slow or heavy course, and these conditions will favor the horse that takes the early lead.

4. Avoid horses moving up in class. They may have looked good against lesser horses, but the move to better competition may reveal different colors.

5. Avoid horses that have not raced in the past four weeks. They may be recuperating from illness and the owners are using the race as a tune-up. The winning percentages of long-idled horses are way below average.

6. Bet only winners. If you see a horse that has been around but never won a race, why figure that today's race will be any different? Instead, choose a horse that has some background of winning.

7. Bet only horses you feel have a good chance of winning. If you had eliminated all the horses you've bet in the past but have not really believed in, you would be sitting with a much higher winning percentage. If you don't like a horse, don't bet on it.

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