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Sports Gambling Sites recommends you read this document before placing a wager.

Sports Gambling Tips10 Rules To Live By:1. Never put yourself under pressure by betting more than you can afford.2. When betting on NFL games, always try to get the final difference of 3 points on your side. Roughly 10% of all NFL games finish with the favorite winning by 3. The difference between 2.5 & 3 (or 3.5 & 3) may not look much, but it is massive.3. If you like NFL teasers, do not bet at worse conditions than this:
i) You lay 110/100.
ii) If either game is tied, result of bet is a push.
iii) You receive a 6 point start on each game.It is usually better to subtract points from the favorite than to add to the underdog (for example, if Washington is a 7 point favorite over Dallas, generally 'Skins -1 is more likely to win than 'Boys +13, although there is of course a decent chance that both will win.4. NFL odds tend to drift in the direction of the favorite as the week goes on. Some overseas based bookmakers put lines up early in the week. If you like a favorite, it often pays to bet it early, and pick up the benefit of perhaps 1 or 2 points.5. If you like golf, 72-hole head to head matchups can be fun. Golfers, like horses, have favorite courses. It pays to do some homework. Try to find a player who has good previous form on the course (especially if he lives nearby and knows the course well). Dudley Hart, in Fort Lauderdale in March, was a good example of this theory. Incidentally, the correct odds should be -110 each player (tie no bet). British bookmakers seem to think they have a God-given right to win if players are tied after 72 holes. Clarify this item first, and do not bet if you lose the tie.6. Horse racing is a murderous sport to bet on. The tracks keep something like 17% (as opposed to, for example, NFL margins of 4.5%), and you are betting against a million wise guys all over the world who do nothing but study form 25 hours a day. If you are willing to work that hard, study up on a esoteric area of the internet and make yourself some real money.7. Research, research, research.  Find out everything you can about a sportsbook before you deposit one penny.  It does not matter how much you win if the book doesn't pay out.

8. When the Winter Olympics come around, watch for foreign figure skaters against fancied American girls. The bulk of the judges are European and, surprise surprise, they seem to prefer the style of their own homebreds. A few years ago, Oxana Baiul was a dead cert against both Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, and yet was 3rd favorite in the betting! I was in Las Vegas at the time and had a very nice little touch at 5/1. Remember, all these continental judges know each other for years, and the national skating associations of small countries in East Europe are not exactly loaded with cash.

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