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Sports Gambling Sites recommends you read this document before placing a wager.

Sports Gambling Tips9. Tennis is a sport more dominated by the surface than any other. Take a big serving net-rusher like Pete Sampras, plunk him down on the slow clay of Paris, and you have a potential Round I loser. Look for big servers like Pete, or Rusedski, Krajicek and Todd Martin to do well at Wimbledon (on grass), and in the ATP Masters (indoors), the season finale. Avoid them at continental venues.10. Betting is for fun, so treat it as such! If you cannot follow basic concepts such as those above, and you feel you must bet every game or every race (instead of waiting for the good bets), play the lottery - you'll have a better chance.  If you feel ready to play visit, provides online and toll free betting with great odds and daily payouts. Safety - Avoiding fraud 

I would only give my credit card information to the sportsbooks on my A+ list. These books use a highly secure encryption method and thus have not had any fraud problems with fraud in the past five years. In fact, I would much rather enter my credit card number into a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption server than hand it to my waitress at my favorite restaurant who then disappears into the back for a few minutes to prepare the bill. I strangely advise against giving your credit card information to ANY sportsbook by phone. By entering credit card information in a 128-bit SSL server you eliminate all human eyes from your credit card information. In the four years since this technology made its debut, there has not been a single breach in security or card information stolen/ unauthorized use. As a colleague of mine said "It is easier to break into the Pentagon than a SSL secure server." 

One rule I advise offshore gamers is to have your credit card company issue you a new card once or twice a year. It's free, it takes only a few minutes on the phone. This will greatly reduce the chance of someone obtaining your credit card information. 

Multiple Sportsbooks Accounts 

The amount of outs you should maintain depends to some degree on your style of play. If you are playing hedge strategies such as betting steam or playing middles, etc., you need to maintain 5 - 7 accounts. 

For those betting handicapped selections I recommend three accounts. Many experienced players fail to even attempt one of the simplest methods to increasing their bank roll called - leveraging losses. The strategy works like this: out of your three sportsbook accounts, you play where you get the best odds. As soon as you have a large draw down in one of your accounts you contact the general manager with a proposal. Ask for a "special reload" bonus. You offer to put in twice your original deposit if you get a 25% reload bonus. You should be speaking and acting like a square. Books hate to lose hard hitting squares. Once they agree, deposit twice your original deposit and collect the handsome bonus. Draw from the other two books if you don't want to introduce more money but do not use a book to book transfer. (squares do not make book to book transfers).

Avoid Sportsbooks Operating In These Countries:

Dominican Republic
St. Kitts
St. Marten
St. Vincent

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