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Baseball Gambling  Baseball Gambling Strategy    Baseball Gambling Tips

Baseball Gambling Strategy

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Football and Basketball are based on pointspreads, which are the dominant method of wagering. Baseball, however, works a little differently. In baseball betting odds are based on a "money line" instead of a pointspread. Money lines make you pick the straight up winner of the game, but the payoffs are based on odds.

In a money line, the sportsbook posts the odds you have to risk to win $100. Your bet must follow that ratio regardless of how much money you want to put at stake. For example´let's say a team is a 150 favorite. That means you have to risk $150 on that favorite to win $100, or $1,500 to win $1,000, or $75 to win $50. If you want to bet on the underdog to upset, you'll risk $100 and your return will either be 10 or 20 less than the posted price depending on the store (or, you'll use the ratio of 100/130 or 100/140 if you don't risk exactly $100).

In baseball, each game's odds are heavily influenced by the starting pitchers.

When betting on a game, you can choose to bet team against team in the match-up regardless of the starting pitcher or you can choose to specify one or both of the scheduled starting pitchers. Betting team against team in called "action" and that means your bet will stand regardless of who starts the game pitching. If you want to specify pitchers to start you would be betting "listed" pitchers. This means that if the scheduled pitcher to start the game does not start your bet is void. Because of the influence of pitching on a game many people will use this option. For example, Roger Clemens is scheduled to start against the Florida Marlins who have a terrible record hitting off him. You want to bet on the Yankees to win the game because you know Clemens will shut them down. You would then want to bet on the Yankees with Clemens as "listed". That way if for some reason Clemens doesn't start your bet would be void. On the other hand, if you think the Marlins are so bad that they can't win regardless of who starts the game pitching, then you would want to bet on the Yankees and have the pitchers "action". You bet then not be good even if there is a change of starting pitchers.

It sounds complicated to the uninitiated, but you'll think it's easy once you've done it a couple of days. The important thing here, is that once again, the odds are based on public perception´NOT on the actual on field difference between teams. So, as with football and basketball, you can easily beat baseball if you're willing to do the work.


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